While we pride ourselves on creating environments that are safe places to work and live. What’s often unseen, until it’s too late, are vulnerabilities we have in our systems as a result of focused cyber attacks.

Our systems are exposed to being compromised by viruses, malware and ransom-ware when they:

  • are connected to the internet
  • have software installed from questionable sources (even ones that appear to be legitimate)
  • have USB drives or media inserted that are infected

There’s a challenge in that “the bad guys” are working much faster than the teams trying to shield us from their exploits; “the bad guys” don’t have to follow process and nor do they need to concern themselves with a bad software release – part of their desired outcome is to wreak havoc.

What do most people do to protect themselves?¬†Unfortunately, not enough. There are so many options available to shield ourselves from viruses and malware and they’re not equally effective. In fact, even if you were to run two layers of freely available protection, Windows Defender and MalwareBytes, harmful viruses and malware may go undetected; I’ve seen it.

What should you do? Certainly install the best antivirus software you can get; we can provide guidance or provide you the best rated, fully monitored and administered, End Point Protection¬†available. However, since the bad guys work so fast, there’s never a guaranty that you will not be infected or held for ransom.

How do you protect yourself against ransomware? Assuming you did all you could by protecting yourself with the best antivirus or Endpoint Protection, and you were infected anyway, you rely on your backups.

These backups would be full and incremental snapshots of all your data. We might even opt to backup images of your entire drive(s). This would allow you to restore a version of a file specific to a date and time allowing you to restore despite ransom-ware encrypting all your data or you inadvertently messing up a critical file. Please see our backup page for more detail.

What do you do if your already infected? Disconnect you computer from your network and contact us immediately.

You can obtain AntiVirus protection in many ways.

For Free:

  • These solutions are discussed on the web such as in this Make Use Of Article here. There are solutions that are bundled with operating systems such as Windows Defender.
  • We’ve found that even the most diligent application of these solutions can leave offending viruses and malware undetected; in one instance for over a decade!
Microsoft windows Defender see:
  • At cost:
    • There are commercially available AntiVirus suites that have varied effectiveness. They each come at a initial up front cost, cost of maintenance and cost of overhead on the system that runs them. There’s a nice evaluation of consumer products published by PC Magazine here. You may find the most appropriate solution for you is in this tier of offerings.
Consumer AntiVirus Offerings
Consumer AntiVirus Offerings

The Best: