Data Anywhere

Data Anywhere

The value of being able to get your data securely, anywhere that has  connectivity tremendous but often not understood until you either:

  • have lost your data and can’t get it (obviously very bad)
  • of your computer has failed yet the data was synced to the cloud so you were in a position to recover (obviously very good)

Case Study:

We just did a huge upgrade for a client (an accounting group) that handles a significant amount of personally identifiable information that included:

  • Encrypting all storage devices
  • Encrypted email and data archives
  • Data Backup implementation
  • Syncing their data to the cloud

Unfortunately, in the middle of tax season, one of the accountant’s laptops had a hard failure and would no longer power up or charge. Since their data was synced to the cloud, we effectively trivialized their laptop to being a commodity. Overnight, we were able to reconstruct a replacement laptop with all the programs and data.

  • saving a ton of stress
  • reducing loss of productivity to a minimum

Note: There was another desktop that had the data synced from the cloud, so while we recreated the laptop, work still continued.