Data Recovery

Data Recovery

If you’re reading about data recovery, something bad probably happened. I think we’ve all been there.

If you corrupted a disk partition, had an SD card with files and pictures become unreadable or accidentally deleted files, you need to act fast and be careful.

First, do not write anything to that media. The space that was used by those files is at risk of being overwritten and overwriting a file is sure fire way of destroying it.

We can use our software to recover your hard drive or removable media to another drive to ensure it’s contents are not modified and have done this on hard drives up to 8 TB to date as well as micro sd cards.

Before you accidentally destroy what you still may have, but are unable to access, leverage our services to recover your data; we may be able to get your data back.

If this involves a legal matter, we can perform data recovery in a secured evidence room under video surveillance to comply with any chain of custody requirement you may have.