Data Services

Data Services

At facilitechIT¬† we provide services to care for your data throughout it’s life cycle.

Data Anywhere: When it’s code to your business (or family or you), we’ll ensure to propose and build an approach that has it synced to the cloud, your devices and to a backup solution so you that your data can survive the worst the world can throw at it.

Data Forensics: When you need to search for data to protect your firm or family in a law suit or to make your case, we can help find it, or prove it does not exist.

Data Recovery: If you accidentally deleted a file or re-partitioned a disk or SD Card, we can help you recover it without modifying the original media.

Data Destruction: When you’re obligated to delete all traces of data or have to discard old computer hardware, we can assist you in getting rid of that data in compliance with your obligations.

Please contact us to discuss our offerings and see how you can leverage our experience for you.