A firewall is a network security system that serves as the gatekeeper between your network and the internet. Properly configured, it provides the protection you need and facilitates the services you want by forwarding the traffic you want and blocking the traffic you don’t.

They take different forms running as software on your computers or as appliances on your network.

On your computer, it determines which applications are allowed to communicate in and/or out and may even set these privileges specifically for each network your system connects to.

On your network, the firewall can forward or block traffic as you desire. On more sophisticated networks it’ll even inspect the incoming requests and route them to a cluster of servers based on configuration. This can be implemented on a budget with off the shelf hardware and open source software, can be implemented at significant cost with high end hardware, or can ┬ábe implemented in the cloud by renting high availability load balancers at a cost that can be managed according to your traffic’s needs.

In a clever implementation, it can even expose “dynamic client side content” to bots (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as flat HTML to raise the relevance of your website’s content; this requires a custom implementation of Node.js and v8 implementation to run your site’s JavaScript and renders it as readable HTML the search engines will index.

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