Web Development

Web Development

Our experience began at the dawn of the consumer oriented web, and prior to that we implemented back-end solutions using the web’s underlying TCP/IP protocol to facilitate teleticketing and commodity trading. Applications built include Moviefone.com, all entertainment products for AOL, CompuServe and Netscape, many high profile health and lifestyle magazines, diet & fitness platforms, the KickApps social networking platform and much more.

Our most notable recent releases were motivated by taking terrific businesses ‘ existing websites and launching new ones that embodied the brand and excited their customer base.

Case Study #1: Town Tinker Tube Rental

Town Tinker Tube RentalThe Town Tinker Tube Rental in Phoenicia, NY runs a whitewater tubing business for people seeking to cool off while elevating their adrenaline levels on The Esopus Creek; it’s not a lazy river.

Town Tinker Tube Rental Old Web siteTheir long standing web site was a close online approximation of their brochure and provided the information their clients needed, but lacked the elements essential to engage their client base. It can still be viewed by visiting http://old.towntinker.com
facilitechIT met with Harry Jameson, the owner to share some ideas to improve the website and achieve the following goals:

  • Clean modern design that’s responsive (it works well with mobile devices)
  • Easy to update
  • Anyone landing on the home page will know what to expect from their adventure within 20 seconds (Video loops on home page’s header)
    • If it was what they were looking for, they’d likely stop at nothing to get themselves and their friends to The Town Tinker Tube Rental
    • If it was beyond their ability, it would save them from having to be turned away for pragmatic & safety reasons
    • This will likely increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers that are most apt to enjoy whitewater tubing engage in the activity; the honesty in marketing is an online reflection of the business’ and Harry’s practices.
  • Social Integration – every page on the site could be shared in every way imaginable leading to a viral increase in awareness of the brand
  • Newsletter Marketing – There’s a signup and newsletter syndication feature allowing Harry to reach out to his client base to notify them of special events or extend special offers
  • Blog
  • Information availability – information on the new site exceeds that of the old including safety tips, real-time river conditions, pricing, merchandise, Google Maps & Directions and much more
  • Search Engine Optimization – Optimized to gain ranking as well as retain any ranking the prior site had by ensuring the old URLS (pages and images) redirect to the new site’s equivalent pages and images.
  • Insight – Analytics that far exceed those of his prior web presence
  • Please click on the image below to experience the new www.towntinker.com website.

New Town Tinker Tube Rental Web Site

Side Note: While we’re proud of the work we’ve done for Harry and The Town Tinker Tube Rental, we have to share that this is a must visit destination. Marc, the principle @ facilitechIT , has enjoyed the area for decades and can’t say enough about the integrity Harry has in managing his business of delivering adventures in easy reach of the NY Metro Area. If you’re thinking about visiting a water park, or staking out an area of beach, this is a perfect, if not superior alternative that delivers thrills in an area that’s scenic, surrounded by nature, that exudes a soulful & genuine feel, and provides incredible opportunities to enjoy great food and shopping with friends; thrill by day, relax by night and be thoroughly recharged for the week ahead!

Case Study #2: Catskill Mountain Railroad

The Catskill Mountain Railroad (CMRR), is a heritage railroad based in Kingston, New York, that began operations in 1982. CMRR leases the former New York Central Railroad Catskill Mountain branch from Kingston to Highmount, New York, where it connects with the Delaware & Ulster Railroad (DURR) tourist operation. The tracks were purchased by Ulster County in 1979 from the estate of Penn Central and subsequently leased to CMRR in 1991 for 25 years.

Their previous website didn’t:

  • convey Catskill Mountain Railroad’s strong brand expression
  • provide a cohesive and engaging web experience
  • it’s content was not as strong and compelling as it could be
  • accomplish optimal Search Engine Optimization
  • lacked analytics
  • was hard to maintain

After iterating throughout the development cycle, we deployed a new, clean website that you can view at https://www.catskillmountainrailroad.com.

There are many other instances we’d be happy to share, but most of all, we’d like the opportunity to use our experience to make a difference for you.

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Infrastructure Note:

We provide numerous web site hosting options and are completely flexible and we’ll consider your suggestions (as long as the solution works); e.g., it must scale and provide reliable up time that’s appropriate to your business that’s a good value for each dollar spent.

For more about what we can do regarding infrastructure either: